Monthly Archives: February 2009

Where is this going?

I need to post something nice also, other than what I’m about to write, so here: Nice or freaky. Whichever way you choose to see it. My parents did something really horrible to me today, which made me lose almost … continue reading >>

Albert the train driver

(I’m sort of scared of posting this, but here goes:) Hello there. Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know before: I need to take the train and subway to school; every morning I (try to) get up at about 5:45 … continue reading >>

Reality is even more confusing than I thought.

Look, I corrected the ugly crappy oval in the grass around my brother: Blogging is addictive. Lots of things are addictive. Too many things. I’m not talking about illegal substances. I wish I were. Talking about illegal substances I mean, … continue reading >>

Reality is confusing.

Have you ever talked to yourself? I mean, really talked to yourself, as in out loud and conversationally? Of course everyone talks to themselves in their own mind at own point or another, perhaps trying to convince themselves they can … continue reading >>

Hello World! Again!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Okay, I’m finally staring. Oops, not staring, starting. About one month ago, I felt this overwhelming need to start a blog and share my genius … continue reading >>