Monthly Archives: March 2009

daring bakers: lasagne of emilia-romagna

As of this month I am a Daring Baker! To be truthful, I was a tiny bit disappointed that the challenge this month wasn’t something totally new and foreign and exciting and totally complicated to make. Boy, was I wrong. … continue reading >>

I know I’m crazy; I’m an artist.

This is a very long post. You’ll need some time, so go grab a coffee before you continue reading. So I’ve started telling the long story of my emotional carrier. I’ll carry on now, shall I? There is something that … continue reading >>

Lessons learned (introduction)

I noticed a few things over the past few days. Some of them are nice, some are so soothing it almost hurts, and some show me I’m only human. But first, just for the sake of pictures – I love … continue reading >>

red velvet cake!

On the weekend I was procrastinating studying for my math exam tomorrow. Yet again. But I had some sense of achievement all the same; played with a few more photos. Walking for two hours in the rain does that to … continue reading >>

If you’re reading this, which I know you are, I wouldn’t mind a few non-spam comments.

Just to let you know.

Milk and honey

I recently opened our coffee/tea/honey/nutella cupboard and found this: The little sign says “WTF?” because that’s what I thought when I opened that cupboard and between all the honey and coffee, there was a package of milk. WTF? So I … continue reading >>

Vintage Sprite Advertising

Have you seen the newest… oldest Sprite ad yet? I know it’s pretty obvious that I’ve photoshopped my brother to Tunesia, but still… He loves Sprite. My opinion? It’s okay, but I’d rather drink water. Or orange juice, or coffee, … continue reading >>

vanilla orange scones!

Yesterday I finally felt the need to bake something yummy again. Too bad I’m sick now.. well was yesterday too, but now I really do think I should try getting rid of my sort-of tonsillitis. Though I’ll probably end up … continue reading >>

Cafeteria art

I needed to close my day – or rather my morning – yesterday, after a long evening of doing important homework with something interesting, amusing and actually pretty pointless. As I do today. So ponder this: