Monthly Archives: June 2009

a leftover-paint-picture

I think this speaks for itself. I was painting, and I used lots of acrylic paint to get the colours I wanted, and didn’t always need all of it. Sometimes I changed it again to suit another portion of the … continue reading >>

A picture.

Because I have nothing else to say today. And because I’m drinking nespresso like a maniac these days. And because I love art, and I consider this as art. And because a picture says more than a thousand words, and … continue reading >>

daring cooks: chinese dumplings

This is the very first challenge that I not only made more than once, but three times, and that I really made my own. (Not to mention the first Daring Cooks challenge that I actually posted. Maybe I will get … continue reading >>

Haily June

Yesterday it hailed here somewhere around Cologne. It was extremely interesting.

Something about appearance and sorts.

Sometimes it is seriously freaky and amazing to find out what kind of an impression one makes on people. You always wonder, and then it hits you, and you jump out of your pants because it is a) so accurately … continue reading >>