Monthly Archives: January 2010

Untitled due to lack of imagination

It’s rather rough at the moment here. But I think I’ll survive. Whatever that means. The snow is beautiful, though I haven’t had a proper chance to capture it my way by day. (An unintended rhyme, that is)

A moose and flowers

I know – a moose and flowers don’t necessarily belong together. I’d still appreciate feedback. Thanks!


I made this sauce today. With wonderful, squiggly-wiggly, long spirelli. It was heaven.

Non – optimistic

Accidental still life

daring cooks: chicken satay

Whoo – hoo! Here it is: The easiest, quickest, most versatile and most addicting Daring Cooks challenge (I’ve completed – sigh..) since, well, since the Daring Cooks exist. (Which isn’t long, of course, otherwise I probably couldn’t say at all … continue reading >>

Days walking

Lullaby to myself

Zucchini and the perils of being an online student

Being an online student, things happen the way they usually, in the life of a normal student, shouldn’t happen. Though of course everything is relative. And who can define normal? Anyway, what I mean is, I’ve fallen into this – … continue reading >>

Thoughts I have while trying to get myself to do something

How to break out “Just do it” It’s not that simple I can’t “Just do it” Am I mentally prohibited? Psychologically? Isn’t it all the same thing? In the end it’s probably Probably Really non-difficult “Just do it”