Monthly Archives: March 2010

Fawning and waiting

Waiting, having plenty, but nothing to do. Other than calling the above self-portrait into existence, I’ve watched The Men Who Stare At Goats, listened to its respective elevator music, as we call it in Germany, for about 4 hours straight … continue reading >>

Cooking chicken

These pictures..

A king’s breakfast

Okay, so this isn’t the “usual”, but it comes pretty close, and it was darn good, after all. It was: Curry and bacon scrambled eggs on toast with mascarpone, but I’m only posting it because I kinda like the photos. … continue reading >>

On tragic happenings

Tragic things happen in life. Especially tragic: Being rather hopelessly in love and watching a movie such as Remember Me (an especially full-force Robert Pattinson dose) on a Thursday night, drunk, and as a result of this not even being … continue reading >>

Nespresso! Of course.

Tomorrow (slash today..) I’m putting the final, finishing touches on the two portfolios I’m submitting to universities in Berlin and Weimar. One of them is a pure Fine Arts portfolio, the other sort of in between Graphic Design and Fine … continue reading >>

Baked Camel (stuffed)

Serves 400 500 dates 200 plover eggs 20 two-pound carp 4 bustards, cleaned and plucked 2 sheep 1 large camel seasonings Dig trench. Reduce inferno to hot coals, three feet in depth. Separately hard-cook eggs. Scale carp and stuff with … continue reading >>

Non-existent Privacy in the Restrooms of Spanish Restaurants

I’m not blogging much again, although I have plenty to blog about: This was just hilarious. I think it speaks for itself.  (Though the privacy wasn’t quite as non-existent as the title of this post claims – at least one … continue reading >>