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The post I wanted to post before posting a post I wanted to post before posting this one

So, as I’m typing this, I’m also finishing up the portfolio I’m submitting in Bremen tomorrow, and by the time this is published, I will be sitting in a bus, underway from the train to the university. “Finishing up” means: … continue reading >>

Creeping cruelty

Before I post the post I was going to post yesterday, and then today, I’ll post the post I’ve kind of wanted to post when I took these photos on Sunday. (Good sentence eh?) This .. thing was crawling along … continue reading >>

Being an artist

Today I’m heading out to an art college a couple of hours away from here (or only one? I don’t know) to be especially creative for a day and to get some feedback on my portfolio from a professor a … continue reading >>

Ranicky Panicky Happiness

I thought I needed to post a picture before yet another text-thing I just remembered I’ve wanted to do for a couple of months now, for a little bit of colour among all the words (which I find quite attractive … continue reading >>

Do Not Take This Seriously

First off, one question to WordPress: Why is the Publish button so .. large all of a sudden? I mean, now I won’t be able to overlook it anymore, but .. why? (Of course, before the truly wonderful people at … continue reading >>

Photoshop vs. Reality

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by reality and think, Wow, this is almost as good as any photoshopped image. And then I take a picture of the real-thing-that’s-almost-as-good-as-Photoshop and .. photoshop it. And out this comes. And Photoshop wins.

The on-set penguin

This fellow followed us everywhere. He just didn’t want to let us film without an adequate distraction.

Also part of my portfolio:

I’ve been meaning to post these photos since I first drafted this, which was on March 11. But as I never had the time or wasn’t in the mood to write anything about them, or simply didn’t have anything to … continue reading >>

The Dissection Of A Baby Pineapple

Film stills

First of all: Thank you. Thank you so much. WordPress rocks. These photos are my excuse for not giving you any signs of life for a whole week after this spectacularly TGTBT event last week when I was featured on … continue reading >>