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The New Love Photographic Follow-Up

New love

I’ve never been a pie person. Whenever I really had an excuse to bake something grand, I picked out the most complicated and/or simply interesting but trusted cake and buttercream recipes I could find and combined them wildly, thus creating … continue reading >>

No leftovers

I’m cooking a lot; that said, I’m eating too much. Last week was just pure cooking/baking bliss, and it has to stop, but it won’t, at least not till tomorrow. The only reason I haven’t been able to keep up … continue reading >>

Make often, period.

Or less often, because it’s SO GOBSMACKING it might lose something when tasted too often? This is wonderfulness in the good, I’m-full-and-don’t-need-anymore-because-it-was-so-satisfying-and-great-way. Need I say more? This is going in my … repertoire. What exactly? My make-when-desperately-craving-something-perfect-but-can’t-think-of-anything-else-not-extremely-fattening-repertoire, maybe? My need-some-complex-flavours-to-satisfy-upper-gourmet-level-taste-repertoire? … continue reading >>

I blame the almonds.

I really wanted to be able to restrain myself while cooking and baking after my fasting experience, I really did – not tasting random tidbits all too excessively, only the necessities. You know, so I would still actually be hungry … continue reading >>

A matcha morning

It’s a sort of dreary day today, and my photo editing skills seem to be reflecting that; I just uploaded this photo again, having decided that it was definitely mimicking that (the dreary day) a bit too obviously. I really … continue reading >>

Peace and harmony

May I say how thankful I am to be me? Just me, nobody else. I love myself. I’m happy, I love what I do, who I am, the way I do what I do, the person I have become and … continue reading >>

Will tweak

It’s amazing how fasting changes you – and how fast you change back, and are so aware of it it rather hurts. But makes you want to work harder at staying the way you have become even more. I don’t … continue reading >>

Plan: Overcome Jetlag And About 40 Hours Sleep Shortage In Only One Day

Step One: Drink Espresso-Banana-Yoghurt-Mix. Repeat Twenty Times. Upon Discovery That One Espresso In Espresso-Banana-Yoghurt-Mix Does Not Suffice To Fulfill Minimum Bitter Nuance Requirement – Step Twenty-One: Add Another One. Step Twenty-Two: Mix In A Couple Scoops Of Recently Discovered, Hardly-Eaten-Yet … continue reading >>

Where have I been?

This is where I was last week. Oh, and there was this: No further comments for now, as I have a train to catch and yet another rehearsal to attend.