Monthly Archives: June 2010


Too many metaphors

A complete emotional wreck, yesterday I built my life in bottles. Then I confessed something to someone quite dear to me in a way I wouldn’t have liked usually – actually never. In my book, sending texts with contents like … continue reading >>


I loved the marks the pretzels made on the baking paper and had to take a picture. These were just ready-to-bake frozen pretzels, but try this recipe over at smitten kitchen – it’s fab.

Quiet and observations

After a completely mind-blowing week so filled with creativity I couldn’t possibly have filled my evenings with anything other than running mind- and aimlessly through the gorgeous personification of inspiration (.. yep, makes sense.) that is Park Sanssoucis in Potsdam, … continue reading >>


Well, not this so much as the greater area in which I’ve been a-whiling since Sunday. It’s so beautiful, and just feels right. More to come!

THE Amazing Date Shake

Why does that title look like I spelled something wrong, other than the first word? Something about today is just plain strange – I feel like I’m not doing anything other than check my emails and concoct things to eat/drink/photograph. … continue reading >>


I hate not posting for so long and then posting twice in one day, but there you go – I just need to share this. Have a spectacular day! :) UPDATE (if a post like this has any need to … continue reading >>

Moving on

All this food on my blog. I’m wondering where it’s actually going – should I open up a separate food blog? Or just continue this way, blogging about this & that on my whim? I don’t know, I don’t know… … continue reading >>