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Signs Your Room Is Definitely Too Full Of Artsy Things Just Lying Around On The Floor And Elsewhere

1. You’ve tripped over your laptop power cord at least 6 times in one morning. 2. You’ve tripped over at least 4 other not entirely unimportant objects in the same morning. 3. You’ve tripped over at least 2 other less … continue reading >>

The morning after

… the first party. I turned 19 yesterday, and since it’s just not possible for me to just do nothing for one whole day at a time, I took these pictures of what our dining room table looked like in … continue reading >>

Fly porn

These guys were at it for a long time. We thought they’d died. But no.. they simply must have been lusting pretty badly.

Here it is!

Also available in Softcover.

Coming soon…

… meaning almost here! … meaning… A book! A photo book! That you can buy, if you feel the need to. Which you do. You just don’t know it yet. I promise, you’ll notice when the time comes.

Full circle

I don’t have any spare breath for lengthy explanations, introductions, … you get the idea – I’m moving to Berlin to study Fine Arts in the fall. This is what I decided to do more than a year ago. Since … continue reading >>