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Missing people

…I miss shooting. Even when unemployed this time.


I FINALLY HAVE A WORKING STOVE. And made some pasta with soupy tomato sauce and rocket to celebrate.

The Still Lives of Moving Out And In (Part II)

The Still Lives of Moving Out and In (Part I)

(the title of this post is a spoiler) credit for the next 4 photos: Leander Olschowy


- I moved into my first own apartment on Saturday. – Painting is awesome. – Art school starts in 2 weeks. – I finally finished that painting. – I forgot to sign it. – I forgot to take a picture … continue reading >>

Moving out

Goodbye, junk! Goodbye, very first pair of All Stars I ever owned. I only re-discovered you recently and I’m not sorry to see you go, you were a loyal and well-serving pair of shoes in your day, but now, with … continue reading >>