Monthly Archives: February 2011

illusion in an espresso maker and the end of time

and yes, that makes sense to me. Because I was absentmindedly staring at the part you usually stick the coffee in – if you’re not me and the floor and the stove isn’t strewn with ground coffee when you’ve managed … continue reading >>

daily lentil kick-off – tranches de magret de canard

New category. See? The Daily Lentil. Because I eat lentils… daily. Because I am a Slow Carb convert. Because in January I found myself in the (typical for an art student?) situation of having next to no money to feed … continue reading >>

here I am

Last night I had this dream. One particular scene woke me up before the alarm (!!) and made me contemplate my existence and whether I should get up and smoke a cigarette at the window before going forth to contemplate … continue reading >>

friday fail II

So I was coming back from the loo and knocked over a wine glass (then I proceeded to give it a new existence by dubbing it the new ashtray). Which wasn’t entirely hard to do as everything and everyone was … continue reading >>

a two-day dream

Yesterday was Sunday, but yesterday was also Saturday. Yesterday doesn’t really exist for me in the present, because yesterday I was awake for 32 hours and now it’s all just a dream. I am also in severe need for nicotine … continue reading >>

this is personal

This is personal. Stop reading here, please. Thanks. Haha. So I’m sitting here, having by now downed nearly a complete bag of what we call flips here. This is, I presume, normally called emotional eating, something I have not done … continue reading >>

stuff on the floor

that doesn’t belong there. See: Um, are you noticing something? This is turning into a sort of fail blog, Esther-Clumsy-Edition. (Get it? Esther-Clumsy… Extra-Clumsy… no? Ok, forget it.) So this was me rushing to empty the espresso maker to make … continue reading >>


So whilst writing up that dahhling post about clutzyness and feeling mediocre again last night I had this sudden very overwhelimg urge to just launch the newly refurbished site NOW, and barely withstood the temptation. I am proud to say … continue reading >>

back over there

Is this the day? THE day I finally might actually have something to say again, right here, on this blog, not just on facebook and in random texts to people who couldn’t really care less about them? Yes, my dear … continue reading >>