back over there

Is this the day? THE day I finally might actually have something to say again, right here, on this blog, not just on facebook and in random texts to people who couldn’t really care less about them?

Yes, my dear readers that probably don’t even exist anymore by this time. I think I might be right. See, I am back in the place I once was, so long ago, in a distant time I wouldn’t have dared to reach back into again during the past few months or even years. The place where everything I did was mediocre and complete and utter meaningless shit. So I thought. And think. The difference is that now, I’m finding it ok. I think I like it, just doing my thing, feeling stupid now and then, specifically when drunk and in the company of philsophy students who are capable of discussing the death of the author at 4 in the morning whilst completely stoned und wrecked in general.


So here I am – yes, the opening word to almost everything I used to have to say here is also back – today I am sharing with you the product of this morning’s clutzyness on behalf of being sort of messed up, not in the mood for showering and much less for attending the very last painting seminar of the semester of which I attended one single meeting since winter break…

I only wanted to sit down in my very favourite spot in my whole flat – large as it is, haha – to have my cinnamon and agave juice infused coffee (I realize honey or the like might be better, don’t ask) and smoke my wonderful crossroad tobacco that has actually undergone a severe reduction in price since last week (FIFTEEN CENTS YEAH), as the wonderful people over there clearly know who needs and wants it the most and can’t really afford to pay those fifteen cents anymore, but wouldn’t buy it anymore for reasons that do no concern YOU (yes, you) if it was suddenly as cheap as say, pueblo. Ah, what was I saying? Well, this is the spot I’m talking about:


… when the thing happened that NO YOU HAVE NOT GUESSED BY NOW BECAUSE I WAS JUST ABOUT TO TELL YOU BUT THEN THE PHOTO JUST GAVE IT ALL AWAY. Yes, call me stupid, I deserve it. Wait, no, I don’t, I was only preoccupied. Forgive me, for I do not know what I am saying.


So I picked up my ashtray, the wonderful one I bought on the way home from my landlord 2 days after I moved in, the blue one, the one that inspired me to this, the lighthousee, or rather the bay…


and dropped it.

And then I sighed, and went forth to photograph the beautiful mess and comepletely indulge myself in the fact that I now had an “excuse” not to go to the seminar. The end.


Not. I still need to rant about why I think I’m REALLY blogging again, and my fears that this might be an exception, which I sincerely hope is not the case, because even if you, my dear readers, do not exist anymore, I really think I have missed these useless non-essays on this blog of mine which is turning TWO YEARS OLD soon and might even be clothed in some completely new and beautiful CSS by that time.

Though now that I think about it, that might warrant a separate post (I am very unsure about the correct use of the word “warrant”), as those topics are extremely complex and eloquify-worthy. If you get my drift? Good night. I’m glad I’m back. You too?

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