daily lentil kick-off – tranches de magret de canard

lentil puree w/ duck and rocket

New category. See? The Daily Lentil. Because I eat lentils… daily. Because I am a Slow Carb convert. Because in January I found myself in the (typical for an art student?) situation of having next to no money to feed myself and the all the visitors I had at the end of the month and then throughout pretty much all of February. So I fed myself with lentils. (And eggs and turkish pork-free sausages and some extremely cheap rocket now and then. And I noticed that though it is all more or less the same thing, I kept on surprising myself with the way I somehow managed to bring quite a bit of variety into my daily lentil meals nevertheless.

So I started taking pictures of my food again. I started using different plates for each meal rather than just washing the same one to use it again every time. Then I saw that not just the full plate can be beautiful – the various stages of… changes the food on the plate undergoes in the course of a meal can be just as interesting to look at. When thinking with a camera.

These are mainly exercises in composition and “styling” for me – though the styling part is still a factor I prefer to leave inside the perimeter of the given circumstances. If that makes any sense. I want to remain real is what I think I’m trying to say. So I won’t be writing much about these lentil meals, just posting photographs and perhaps, if you’d like, short recipes.

I’m challenging myself, and sharing the outcome makes me even more my own critic. That’s good. I criticize a lot. I’m just usually the only person who hears that criticism.

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