friday fail II


So I was coming back from the loo and knocked over a wine glass (then I proceeded to give it a new existence by dubbing it the new ashtray). Which wasn’t entirely hard to do as everything and everyone was sitting on the floor and, being drunk, you normally can’t manoeuvre yourself around so many things without running into something at one point till you’ve gotten yourself safely seated in a spot you won’t cause anything to break until you get up again or reach over to light someone’s cigarette or grab their beer or slap their buttocks.

But being me, this isn’t even hard to do in a sober state. Hello fail blog. Now take a look at some pictures I did not take but found sort of amusing the next day:

question mark II

question mark

I did, however, take this one:

tripod abstract

Tomorrow is the day I’d like to launch the new site. We’ll see what happens. Wish me whatever it takes; under specific circumstances that I cannot name now that may be luck. Or something else.

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