illusion in an espresso maker and the end of time

can't see the water

and yes, that makes sense to me.

Because I was absentmindedly staring at the part you usually stick the coffee in – if you’re not me and the floor and the stove isn’t strewn with ground coffee when you’ve managed to fill it to the top (not pressing it in there, mind you) – as I was letting it soak in the sink and, for a few seconds, wasn’t entirely sure if it was filled with water like the rest of the sink and everything in it was.

I splashed it with water and BAM – it splashed right back. There was water in there, and it had really been hard to tell. So I wondered if it was just me or if I could make it look water-free on camera as well. So there ya go! Full to the brim, that thing is.

As I was editing the photo, hoping to bring out all the blue and yellow hues, I was listening to a Cat Empire/Neil Young/Red House Painters/Random Kitschy Love Songs mix wherein I had no clue what was what except for the obvious, suddenly something came on that I’ve had on my mind for a while now. And strangely (oh my god well you don’t say, that IS really friggin strange especially if you’ve been thinking about it so much), I found it fitting:

olivier messiaen – quartet for the end of time – movement VIII – louange à l’immortalité de jésus

Open it up in a new tab and stare at the photo whilst contemplating your life and all the greater mysteries of the world.


Oh, please ignore the fact that the cup in the lower left-hand corner is extremely dirty. See, that’s why you do dishes. Generally speaking. Sort of. Why I do dishes, anyway.

Oh, and thank you Krista for filling my afternoon that should, as I thought yesterday and this morning and up to this point, have been spent cleaning up and doing the laundry (I DID do dishes, as you very well know) and taking out the garbage and used glass and maybe even vacuuming and/or mopping the kitchen floor… with laughter. and…stuff. I am not a lesbian. But she got me, which became clear to me when I changed my profile picture on Facebook to this. Goodlord, the Internet can make you happy.

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