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artsy fartsy – a.k.a. “what I’m up to” – part deux

Tada. That is all.

artsy fartsy – a.k.a. “what I’m up to” – part I

So I might have had a chance to blog recently, and I also might have had lots to post about recently, but the way it is with me and having no Internet at home for any length of time, I … continue reading >>

almost nothing

that finds its way into my hands to serve a certain purpose leaves them unscathed. The next stop for things that do not leave my hands “unscathed” is the trash. I am truly sorry for those things, and I always … continue reading >>


Random non-existent word alert because I can’t think of a title. That said, I can’t really think of content for this post either, except: Uni, alone, scared, alone, no Internet at home, alone, need to post on blog, feel I’ve … continue reading >>

good afternoon and happy easter

and have lots of fun in the sun with those paper bags on your heads. (Quite fun, sticking two photos together that were taken in one day and have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Wild. Arrrr.)

always the violist

I was never a loud person. FUCK YOU LENOVO THINKPAD FOR LETTING ME DOWN WHEN I MOST NEEDED YOU. Where was I? Sorry. Yes, I was never a loud person. Really. I am the quiet type. Quiet-er. Than most. Some. … continue reading >>

morphing into an owl person

Yes, owl person as in night active (I know, you wouldn’t have guessed). My prime time starts at nine thirty (-ish) p.m. Then I start working. The ideas start flowing. My head overflows. The ashtray fills itself up. No idea … continue reading >>