Snow on a plate




It is damn cold. I think I may need boots.


snow in window

junk and snow

Red streaks

I had a nose bleed this morning. Which I noticed when I discovered the following.

blood on towel

And I’m in a very sarcastic mood, so forgive me, for I do not know what I am doing.

After Dark

self portrait

This is me, now, how I’m doing, what I’m feeling, where I came from and where I’m going.

Time is standing still.

Whatever that means.

A workspace and other things

First of all, let me introduce to you the vast ceiling of my university’s entrance hall.



Now, in my seminar today we were told to arrange some coloured boards we had done a while back in a manner that made sense to us anywhere in the room or the hall outside.

Here’s what I came up with:

a story

(Blue or “petrol” as always, a colour I gravitate towards in all kinds of situations)

By the way, we had to do nine different boards of 18×24 cm, each in one tone, from one colour of our choosing to a tone of gray. And the same thing in 3,5×5 cm.

What someone else did; I thought it just was a great photo. (I’m all about layout and composition these days again, and am actually thinking about going to some design seminars)

Then, a dog wandering around that I actually watched pooping in the courtyard the other day, its owner following a few minutes later, desperately looking for the, uh, fesces…

dog in uni

dog in uni

dog's leg

Now, the “studio”!

ideas, sketches

I have this little corner in this little room with an about 5 meter ceiling and 3 meter windows you can’t open…


But it’s just off the largest room the first semesters have to work, there are a couple of other single rooms that accommodate about 6 students each; this one has 4 components, the largest one of which inhabits around 15 of us.



The drawback of thinking about what makes “good/real” and “not as good” art almost constantly, what is demanded of art today and where I fit in amongst all of it is that I seem to produce exactly the kind of things I actually think more negatively about. Such as this. (The next photo) That being said, I do have my excuses, such as this was just to make use of leftover paint, or we all just have to do something, keep doing it, and the rest will follow and practicing techniques… and the best one of them all: I’m just playing around!


a corner

cramped studio

Time will show what’ll become of it all, I’m sure.


I am currently playing around with paper boats. Now you know.

paper boat

Which is funny. On Thursday I was at a symposium held by the Fine Arts Faculty called “Brilliant Volume – Teaching the Arts”, where every professor held a testimonial of sorts in addition to various speeches and talks. During of the last ones I was getting sort of fidgety and started folding my program into a paper boat, just as that professor started showing a short film of a boat on a very stormy sea.

I took that as a sign and made two more.


my bedroom :D

This is the view from the main room in my apartment to my bedroom, after I spent the weekend sticking pretty much all the photos  I have left from the portfolios I had sent to universities which I now have back that I somehow still found presentable (to myself) everywhere I could reach.

My wardrobe is hiding behind the curtain on the left.

I’m off to read a text about simplicity for the thirteenth time.


Part of a new triptych I’m working in which one component involves layers of part of this photo.


(Don’t worry if you don’t get it, I don’t get myself right now as I feel rather faint, which is strange because I’m sitting and have no reason to be feeling faint. But as I have no other option than to post this along with a caption right now or in 3-4 days, I opted for now, with a caption that doesn’t make much sense if you can’t read my mind, and a title that makes even less sense if you can’t read my mind. Or the other way around, I’m not quite certain.)

No smoking

no smoking

Portraits. Our first “assignment” in the Film&Photo seminar – mainly for the sake of the instructor’s memory of our names.

birte, to take a portrait