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artsy fartsy – a.k.a. “what I’m up to” – part I

So I might have had a chance to blog recently, and I also might have had lots to post about recently, but the way it is with me and having no Internet at home for any length of time, I … continue reading >>


Random non-existent word alert because I can’t think of a title. That said, I can’t really think of content for this post either, except: Uni, alone, scared, alone, no Internet at home, alone, need to post on blog, feel I’ve … continue reading >>

illusion in an espresso maker and the end of time

and yes, that makes sense to me. Because I was absentmindedly staring at the part you usually stick the coffee in – if you’re not me and the floor and the stove isn’t strewn with ground coffee when you’ve managed … continue reading >>

friday fail II

So I was coming back from the loo and knocked over a wine glass (then I proceeded to give it a new existence by dubbing it the new ashtray). Which wasn’t entirely hard to do as everything and everyone was … continue reading >>

stuff on the floor

that doesn’t belong there. See: Um, are you noticing something? This is turning into a sort of fail blog, Esther-Clumsy-Edition. (Get it? Esther-Clumsy… Extra-Clumsy… no? Ok, forget it.) So this was me rushing to empty the espresso maker to make … continue reading >>


pasta fail

not to eat.


new year’s..

made sushi

and had a blast. check.